Whitechapel Murders Canonical Map

A GOOGLEMAP of the five ‘canonical’ Whitechapel Murders, though others have been attributed to ‘Jack the Ripper’. Many thanks to ‘Giove’, a Google Earth hack somewhere in sunniest Italy. He compiled the information that we’ve mashed together into this map. More information will be added … work in progress!  Oh, and according to the Daily Mail, Jack the Ripper has been identified as a doctor from Essex (by a Uruguyan who’s never been to London). Well it’s a theory, and it can join the rest of them I suppose.

View Jack the Ripper Canonical locations in a larger map

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  1. admin says:

    An interesting approach to extracting information police interrogation in Ripper Street last night, making The Sweeney look positively enlightened. I’m not sure how running your prime suspect through with a sword translates into arrest and cleanup rates though.

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