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Got an East End story to tell?

Are you an East Ender?

Do you have a story about your life or times in the East End of London? Do you still live here, or are you an East Ender who’s moved out to Essex, to Australia, to the USA … wherever. Maybe you’ve memories of the Blitz, of the 1950s, the 1960s or later. Maybe you’re trying to trace your roots in the East End. If you have a story to tell, why not share it with us. Email your story to us (don’t worry about the rough edges, we’ll tidy it up for you) and if you’ve got a photo all the better. There’s also a section for those tracing their East End family trees.


10 comments on “Got an East End story to tell?

  1. I am trying to find any v.e. day photos in Wrexham rd Bow London where i lived all through the war year i remember so much
    the only thing i want is a picture of my family in Wrexham Rd Bow london
    its my dad playing the ladies next door piano her nane was Aggy Danials
    we were were the wellsman family from next door

    some one must have old v.e. day photos please can some one help
    thanks june wellsman

  2. from the message i for got to say if any one can help can email me
    the Aggy daniels i said about had a son David , did work at Red bridge council
    who may had any v.e. day Partys pictures in Wrexham rd Bow left to him by his mum
    thanks a lot June wellsman/boorman

  3. neil clark says:

    Anyone who cant find the info they need try the Newham story.
    the information on there is amazing with loads of older residents with very good memories. N

  4. june Wellsman says:

    Can any one show me any photos of v. e day partys in wrexham rd bow london please email me at
    thanks june wellsman

  5. Wanted old V.E. Day photos from Wrexham rd Bow e3 London
    i remember this day so well, and so long ago
    some one some where must have old photos
    please look through your old photos
    please email me at your Memories of V E day
    thanks june

  6. june Wellsman says:

    wanted v.e, day photos of wrexham rd bow e3 london

  7. Mark Derby says:

    My Dad is just about to get a book published he has spent the last 10 years (on and off) writing about growing up in Upton Park through the 50’s

  8. Malcolm Hunt says:

    I know a man who is an ex colleague of mine from British Rail, and he has published an amazing and beautiful book called London’s East End Railways Part 1. We all know that Dr Beeching, unchecked, committed many heinous sins against our great public network through the ’60s and 70’s, but being of East End stock himself, Dave Brennand is best placed to tell of what once was from a professional standpoint as a driver. The link below is to a marvelous review of that book, and Dave himself assures me that Part 2, all about the branch lines to the docks is nearing completion:

    If you have a hankering for steam, or just like a bit of well thought history, then this is an absolute delight without being too technical, and some of the art in there is breathtaking.

  9. I am looking for relatives born in Poplar. William and Angelina Oldham and their children who I believe are Sydney, William and my Mum Eleanor. They were all put into home when their father died and I am searching for information on where it might have been. Help!!!!

  10. Miranda says:

    Hi there! I’m currently working on the second series of the BBC2 specialist factual series Collectaholics. One of our contributors has an amazing collection of handcarts, and we are looking for anyone with family connections / memories / photographs to the barrow boys (flower sellers, or other vendors) who would have used hand carts to make a living at any point in history, perhaps with businesses that have been in the family for generations and still are. If you think that this applies to you, or you have a story about hand carts to tell, please contact me. We would like to bring these amazing artefacts of social history to life with a real story / connection,
    Many thanks….

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