Life expectancy map for London

A mash-up of London borough boundaries with projected life expectancies for males born now … well in 2009. I created this from some data freely available online (though kindly cleaned up and annotated, credit to follow) and the free Googlemaps API. Tower Hamlets comes predictably low down. Discuss. A few points about the breakdown of data. The comparisons are with Glasgow and Kensington and Chelsea, with the former having the lowest median death rate for men, K&C the highest. The most shocking stat, I guess, is that life expectancy can vary so dramatically between two London boroughs four miles apart, though there are many confounding factors: not least of which, that the rich and privileged gravitate to Kensington and Chelsea, rather than living in K&C being necessarily good for your health. Obvious, but worth pointing out.

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  1. David Sankey says:

    Not really shocking. in fact life expectancy varies hugely within boroughs as well as between them. Compare with this stained glass made from the “happiness” index for London Alas, we live in a very divided world

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