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Peter Shore — Labour’s forgotten prophet

Governments and faces change, the decades roll by, but one thing is ever present in British politics … the ‘will we, won’t we’ stay in Europe. Forty something years ago it was President De Gaulle saying ‘non’ after years of … Continue reading

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Limehouse seafarer Christopher Newport

King James I was a tough man to impress. Brighter than your average king, he was fluent in half a dozen languages, a student of science and an accomplished statesman. He commissioned what was to become the essential translation of … Continue reading

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The end of Chinatown in Limehouse

The Chinese community in Limehouse reached its peak just after the First World War. Though previous estimates put the numbers at around 3,000, they are now thought to have numbered no more than 300. But the London newspapers were working … Continue reading

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Charlie Brown’s Pub

IT is a familiar landmark to East Enders driving back from Essex, and anyone taking the M11 up to Stansted will have passed over it. But where did the Charlie Brown’s roundabout, one of London’s busiest intersections, get its unusual … Continue reading

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Brilliant Chang in Limehouse

The trial of Limehouse restauranteur Brilliant Chang in 1924 was greeted by the press as a battle won in the war against the London drugs trade. But the jailing and deportation of the man known to his mother as Chan … Continue reading

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