Various Kray stories

Double jeopardy law scrapped

The law, which meant you couldn’t be tried twice for the same offence, was scrapped on Monday 4 April 2005, after 800 years on the statute book. And that could reopen cases including those of Ronnie Knight, the ex-husband of EastEnders actress Barbara Windsor, and Kray Twins associate Freddie Foreman.Both have written books where they allegedly confess to involvement in murders.

The Krays take tea at Pellici’s

The Krays were spot on in their choice of favourite café: Pellicci’s, the little gem in Bethnal Green that has just been given listed building status by English Heritage.

Krays, Mad Frankie and the gangster publishing industry

The Kray line of true crime has, with all three brothers gone, reached a comic pitch of exploitation. Anyone who so much as ordered a pale ale in the Blind Beggar pub in the 1950s can, it seems, land a lucrative contract with the publisher John Blake, whose imprint is the brand leader in this section of the genre.

East End gangsters mourn Krays’ enforcer Tony Lambrianou

No one does kitsch quite like old East End gangsters do kitsch, and the hearse carrying Tony Lambrianou’scoffin was a triumph of the art.

The nemesis of the Krays

Sir Kenneth Jones made it his mission to put all three Kray brothers behind bars – and ruffled their feathers in the process. The Krays’ nemesis

Reggie Kray

Just five months after attending older brother Charlie Kray’s funeral, Reggie died of cancer at a hotel in Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk. The end of Reggie Kray.

Charlie Kray

Charlie Kray died an inmate. He returned to jail at an age when most of us would be playing with our grandkids and tending the garden – caught out by a pension plan that involved smuggling illegal drugs into Britain.

Tony Lambrianou and the Krays

The funeral of the Kray Twins sidekick Tony Lambrianou last month brought back memories of the Krays bloody reign in the East End underworld … and of the horrific crime that was to bring their time to an end.

George Cornell and the Krays

On 9 March 1966, George Cornell was killed in the Blind Beggar public house by Ronnie Kray.

Jack the Hat McVitie and the Krays

John McVitie was a tough, hard man. He was better known as Jack ‘The Hat’ because he was never ever seen without his trilby. He was losing his hair and couldn’t bare to let anyone see his bald patch.

Frank Mitchell and the Krays

Frank Mitchell was a giant of a man and as strong as an ox. He had a long history of violence, and from the age of seventeen, was always in and out of prisons or mental institutions.

Did Ronnie Kray murder Reggie’s wife?

A former gay lover and prison confidant of Reggie Kray has alleged the gangster revealed his first wife was murdered by twin brother Ronnie.

Why the fascination with the Krays?

Criminals from their teens, gangsters and ultimately murderers who spent the best part of their lives in jail … and died there. Many would consider those failed lives, and yet the Krays continue to fascinate the British public. But why?

The definitive Krays website

The Krays website provides an excellent historical overview of the members of the family and the key figures who surrounded them, such as Frank Mitchell, Jack ‘the Hat’ McVitie, Leonard Nipper Read, the Richardson Family et al.


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